Thursday, December 1, 2011

So Coca-Cola Put out the Wrong Can Too Early. Who the "F" Cares?

Okay, I have not posted on this blog for like a freaking year. I originally was going to put this on my Caught My Eye blog but then I decided this is probably one of the stupidest stories I have ever heard-or in this case the stupidest story I have ever read. If I had seen a video of this, this would be a story that would make me not want to watch the news.

I don't mean any disrespect but seriously, who gives a crap? So what if Coke decided to put out a holiday can for regular Coke instead of for the diet Coke. I have to admit, my issue is that lately I've purchased more beer than soda. Still, if American is so freaking illiterate that they can't distinguish between a regular Coke and a diet Coke can then those individuals have problems.

What really got me going about this absurdly ridiculous story is that people are Tweeting about how blasphemous it is that the Coca-Cola company is supposedly trying to mess with people's heads. This is not only a story that make me not want to watch (or read) the news but it makes me what to swear. I'm serious I just want to say right now who the "F" cares??!!!

This is truly the number-one most stupidest story that I so far have ever seen reported online, offline, or elsewhere! Give me a freaking break. On the other hand, I should say, the only thing I can learn from this is how business owners can make one small, teeny, tiny, minute, fractional, or insignificant error that can hurt their sales.

Other than that, this is the stupidest I have ever heard yet-ever in my lifetime! No wonder the "Dumbing Down of America" concept is not far from reality!!

Anyway, the reference link to this story is here:

A Frosty Reception for Coca-Cola's White Christmas Cans - Yahoo! Finance:

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Cash for Clunkers Gone Bonkers!

I guess the Cash for Clunkers had gone bonkers already. To be fair I am sticking up for Obama in that I don't make fun of the way he talks. Some newscasters are just downright cruel for that. But as refined and as good-looking as this man is...I am not sure I agree with all of his decisions.

I should be careful I suppose not to knock a program when it's going down. I suppose I am reflecting all the negative criticism I have received lately when I simply say, "The Cash for Clunkers program has gone bonkers!"

Oh, I said that already.

So Obama Said Wee-Weed Up? Who Cares?

So Obama said Wee-Weed Up? Who cares? Now, don't get me wrong I am not for every decision this new president makes but seriously. I know when to call 'em. I know when to say that the media has just gone too far.

It's like when the media was nit-picking at Britney Spears every chance they could awhile ago. Do they want Obama to have a meltdown? How can an institution such as the radio rip on someone and still call themselves "unbiased?"

Well then again I had first heard this news on a talk show...but yet...the talk show did play an actual news clipping.

Seriously though...get back to the issues at hand! It's like the news media has nothing to do when Washington is on Vacation.

My Definition of Wee-Weed Up: Either it's just a joke that means nothing, or it is a statement that means "F-d" Up? Perhaps. Who knows, who cares.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Reverse Discrimination Makes me Puke!

When I hear stories about "reverse" discrimination it makes me puke! I hear about this on the news all the time and I get so sick of it really. I mean...I hear instances of this on the news, multiplied by being called "white trash" by an ex boyfriend's cousin and hearing that qualified white people are not getting into college just because they are white?
Whey I hear all this together...what am I?? One angry white person, that's what!
One angry white person! And I have every right to be. Discrimination makes me puke-even it is against white people. I am actually tired of it, as I always tried to have respect for anyone regardless of color, race, creed, religion, and so on. So why should I be punished?
I try to respect everyone (except of course if they truly piss me off, like I am right now.)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Obama' Smokes, so What?

Oh my! Obama smokes? So What?
Okay, I myself cannot stand cigarettes. I think they are dirty and disgusting. They smell bad and taste bad (Okay, you are asking how do I know well it's none of your business.. I just know what I know and leave it at that), but I think there are worse problems in our country than Obama smoking.
Besides, I am not an Obama fan, so I can be a smart *ss and say that his smoking may not be the worst problem he has. But, well...that is a little besides the point. On the other hand, Obama does feel accountable, and says he plans to kick the habit while he is in the White House.
So, perhaps he will just smoke in his room then. Who knows?