Friday, August 21, 2009

So Obama Said Wee-Weed Up? Who Cares?

So Obama said Wee-Weed Up? Who cares? Now, don't get me wrong I am not for every decision this new president makes but seriously. I know when to call 'em. I know when to say that the media has just gone too far.

It's like when the media was nit-picking at Britney Spears every chance they could awhile ago. Do they want Obama to have a meltdown? How can an institution such as the radio rip on someone and still call themselves "unbiased?"

Well then again I had first heard this news on a talk show...but yet...the talk show did play an actual news clipping.

Seriously though...get back to the issues at hand! It's like the news media has nothing to do when Washington is on Vacation.

My Definition of Wee-Weed Up: Either it's just a joke that means nothing, or it is a statement that means "F-d" Up? Perhaps. Who knows, who cares.

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